Cross the Red River at 10 distinct locations in one day.

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Ride Description

Cross the Red River at 10 distinct locations in one day. This is a fairly aggressive ride, taking around 9 hours of RIDING time and covering almost 400 miles. Of course, if you don’t live (or start) on the actual route, your ride will be longer than 400 miles.

Don’t forget to consider gas and eating stops when planning this ride.

This ride has been completed by the author and 3 others – all on Honda Gold Wings. We ate three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, all along the route.

Distance: 397 miles
Ride Time: 9:11 (hours:minutes)
Start: Optional – Map Start is on US 82 W, Sherman, Tx
End: Depends upon start – optional after 10th crossing

NOTE: The DIRECTION of crossing is important. The route can be started almost anywhere along the way – but the best roads and scenery will be found by following the actual directions given for each crossing.

NOTE: The Route actually overlaps for a short distance in TWO locations:
1. The first overlap is about a 6-mile segment along Ok 32/82 between Rubottom and Ringling and/or Ryan, Ok.
2. The second overlap is a 7-mile segment along US 82 just east of Gainesville – the return goes over this same segment.

River Crossing Information

[The (N) or (S) indicates the Direction of travel for the particular Crossing]

1 – Taovayas Indian Bridge (N) north of Muenster, TX to OK
2 – Highway 79 Bridge crossing (S) Waurika, OK to Byers, TX.
3 – Highway 81 Bridge crossing (N) Ringgold, TX to Ryan, OK.
4 – I35 Bridge crossing (S), Thackerville, OK to Gainesville, TX.
5 – Willis Bridge crossing (Lake Texoma) (N) Gordonville, TX to Willis, OK.
6 – Denison Dam crossing (Lake Texoma) (S), Cartwright, OK to Denison, TX.
7 – Power Plant Road crossing (below dam – over Penstocks) (N), Denison, TX to Cartwright, OK.
8 – US 75/69 Bridge crossing (S), Colbert, OK to Denison, TX.
9 – Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge crossing (N), Carpenter’s Bluff TX, to Hendrix, OK.
10 – Highway 78 Bridge crossing (S), Yuba, OK to Sowells Bluff, TX (north of Bonham)

Ride Directions – see Google Map for more detailed directions.
Note that the START and END locations are given on US 82 on either side of US 75 / Central Expressway in Sherman.

Google Interactive Ride Route Map

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There are gas stations and places to eat in many of the towns along the route.

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