The Red River Valley Tourism Association prides its work on collaboration, cohesiveness and partnership between communities along the Texas/Oklahoma border, as we have been marketing and growing the tourism base in our communities through the hard work and commitment of numerous organizations and individuals since 1998.
The Red River Valley Tourism Association believes that a greater impact can be made by collectively combining the resources and efforts of businesses, governments, chambers of commerce, convention & visitor bureaus, main street programs, museums, organizations and individuals than any ONE organization can do alone. “With our combined efforts, we can do no less than grow and make a successful impact.”

ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF Red River Valley Tourism Association in any given year include but are not limited to:

• Publication & Distribution of 25,000 RRVTA Travel Guides to Travel Information Centers in both TX and OK
• Brochure co-ops at 5 Trade Shows and the Wichita Falls Home and Garden Show
• Distribution of brochures at all members’ Visitor Centers by request fulfillment
• Membership Recruitment & Involvement in Tourism Partnerships in both states
• Marketing Destinations in both Texas and Oklahoma—As a region
• Collaborative Marketing Strategies for reduction of cost to Rural Communities
• Trade Show Event Partnering
• Special Event Partnering & Education
• Specialty Networking Opportunities
• Website marketing opportunities through the RRVTA website

How to Become A Member

1. Click to download a the Membership Form.
2. Fill out & submit with payment to RRVTA, PO Box 1862, Duncan, OK 73534.

Cost of Joining

$50 or $100 depending on your organization’s annual budget.