Vicinity of Henrietta, Clay County, Tx

Submitted by Sammie Hatfield – City of Henrietta EDC

Area Locator (Clay County)

Ride Description:
Plenty of twists and turns and some straight-a-ways for your riding pleasure.

Special Notes / Cautions: Limited services along the route, so be sure the fill-up before heading out of Henrietta.

Distance: 85 miles
Time: 2:30 (hours:minutes)
Start: Henrietta, Clay County, Tx, US 287 near Hwy 148 Exit
End: Downtown Henrietta, 116 N Graham at the 1890 Jail Museum & Heritage Center.

Ride Directions – see Google Map for more detailed directions.

Start – Downtown Henrietta, Tx on US 287.

From US 287, take the exit for Hwy 148, go South on Hwy 148, turn West on FM 2847, take FM 2847 to FM 2606, follow FM 2606 across the Dam of Lake Arrowhead, turn North on FM 1954, turn East on FM 2393, follow FM 2393 to Thornberry, turn East on FM 171, follow FM 171 thru Byers and on the FM 1197, turn South on FM 1197, follow FM 1197 back to downtown Henrietta.

The Google Map route actually ends up at 116 North Graham, which is the 1809 Jail Museum. From there you can follow Hwy 148 south to either US 82 or US 287.

Route Highlights

While downtown Henrietta, be sure to eat, shop and visit the 1809 Jail Museum, 116 N. Graham – which is ‘B’ or route END on the Google Map.
Escape the rat race …..Enjoy the ride!

Google Interactive Ride Route Map

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Ride Route Map – Garmin Road Trip
(NOTE: we will probably abandon the static Route Map in lieu of the interactive Google Map – it is included below for reference purposes.)

Map from Garmin’s “RoadTrip” for Mac – equivalent Garmin program for Windows is “MapSource”

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