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About ‘Area Rides’ Section

The ‘Area Rides’ is a new section to the Red River Valley Tourism Association website. We have found that many folks in the beautiful Red River Valley area have one or more favorite ‘rides’ they like to share with others.

We are targeting motorcycle riders and roadster tourers, but these ride routes can be run and enjoyed by anyone.

We have started here with just a few rides, and will add more as time progresses and as friends and neighbors submit more. To submit a ride for consideration for inclusion in this area, see Submit a Ride, below.

If you have any general suggestions regarding this section, please email those to the above email address.

We are currently using Google Maps for the Ride Routes. These are interactive maps and you can download the data, print directions and get more information from the Map. You can also FIND things on Google Maps and download them to your GPS. Click HERE for more information regarding sending Google Map information to your Garmin GPS.

Submit a Ride

Do you have an Area Ride route you would like to submit?

We will be glad to consider yours for publication here!

We will create the “Area Locator” Map for you to show the general area / counties of the ride.

Some things to remember to include [see Template below]:

  • Name of Ride – name your ride – pick an interesting or intriguing name to motivate of stir interest in your ride. This can make or break interest in a ride.
  • Submitted by: – let us know if you want credit on a ‘submitted by’ line
  • Ride Description: – a SHORT description of the ride
  • Distance: Total distance of ride in miles
  • Time: Total approximate TIME the ride takes – may specify ‘without stops’
  • County(s): where ride is located or passes through
  • Start: Location where it is recommended to start the ride
  • End: Location
  • Special notes (optional – if any)
  • Points of Interest: (if any) along the way – include any website URL links if possible.
    • museums
    • scenic spots
    • places to eat
    • places to shop
  • Ride Directions: not necessarily required if you provide a Google Map route – but generally a very good idea to include)
  • Google interactive Ride Route Map – SHOULD include a Google Map
    • See:
    • Use the Google Link Tool
    • Click “Customize and preview embedded map” link
    • Set the Map Size to “Custom” – width=650, Height=variable, depending upon map dimensions – usually either 300 or 500 wide.
    • Click inside the box labeled “3. Copy and paste this HTML to embed in your website” – then type ctrl-A and ctrl-C to COPY ALL text, and PASTE that, along with the above information into an email.
  • Related Area Links: Include any ‘special links’ – links to museums, restaurants or special interest businesses along the way.

Send to:

(COPY and PASTE Template into Word or an Emai or other word/text processorl, fill it out and send via email]


Submitted by:

Ride Description:






Special notes:

Points of Interest:

Ride Directions:

[Google interactive Ride Route Map]

Related Area Links: